North Head Sanctuary Foundation
is working with Government agencies
towards the establishment of
Car-rang-gel Sanctuary
on North Head
at the gateway of Sydney Harbour
- a flagship for Australia's
environmental resolve
and a celebration of
our natural and cultural heritage.
Car-rang-gel Sanctuary on North Head, Sydney
Aboriginal Heritage
Built Heritage
Research Volunteering

Banksia aemula

See a range of
Australian botanical
greeting cards

These are hand-drawn cards
featuring native plants
of North Head.

Orchids on North Head

Welcome to the
North Head Sanctuary Foundation website

After six years of submission writing, meetings and workshops, the Sanctuary opened for visitors in 2007.  We opened our first interpretive centre at the beginning of 2009 and moved this to its current location in 2011.

This interpretive centre featuring information about North Head's heritage, plants, animals and research related to the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub threatened community is normally open from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

We apologise but, from March 18 2020 onwards, this interpretive centre
is closed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 virus.
Please regularly check back here for when we will re-open.

 When we re-open, come in and visit us in Building 20 - Education Centre. See map.

Early in 2009 we established a Native Plant Nursery within the former School of Artillery site and have been planting out seedlings into degraded areas. It's fun! Would you like to become involved once covid-19 restrictions ease?

Have a look at our information pages about plants you can see on North Head.

Visit our other pages and learn more about events both past and present.

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Listen to Aunty Fran
 (D'harawal Knowledge holder) giving insights into relationships in Nature.

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the brochure about
Aboriginal Use of Plants

Aunty Fran
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Learn about
Research on North Head
concerning management of bushland in relation to thinning, fire, rats and rabbits

North Head Bushland Alert
issued following the bushfire burns held on Oct 17 and 18, 2020

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (SHFT), in conjunction with the NSW National Parks Service, and in consequence of a recent bushfire on North Head, have announced that large parts of the bushland on North Head will remain closed indefinitely. See:Sydney Harbour Federation Trust alert.

There is a map on the SHFT web-site – this is available directly HERE Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Map

In a message to their volunteers, the Harbour Trust says: “All walking tracks, no matter if affected by fire or not, are closed until further notice. They are barricaded or have tape across them. Please be aware these may be closed for quite some time as there is still risk of falling trees. And when the new growth starts to come through those areas will need to be kept closed off to allow time to regenerate.”

North Head Scenic Drive is closed beyond the Quarantine roundabout until at least Monday 26th October.

Drosera spathulata
Banksia marginata
Acacia suaveolens
Boronia ledifolia
Acacia longifolia
Woollsia pungens
Banksia ericifolia
Aboriginal Heritage
Built Heritage
Research Volunteering
North Head Sanctuary Foundation, P.O.Box 896, Balgowlah, NSW 2093


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